Limeng "Momo" Xie

Limeng "Momo" Xie

PhD Student PlantBio
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2020 Scholarship for the Root Biology Summer School, U of Florida
2016 Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Texas Plant Protection Assoc.
2013 3rd prize for Academic Excellence, China Agricultural U
2012 Japan Student Service Scholarship
2011 3rd prize for Academic Excellence, China Agricultural U
2010 2nd Prize for Academic Excellence, China Agricultural U
2010 Merit Student Award, China Agricultural U
2010 National Scholarship for Encouragement, China Ministry of Education

Research Interest

Momo joined us in January 2019 to study how root interact below-ground. Within her research project, she develops high-dimensional data-analysis techniques to describe spatial interaction on the whole field scale. In particular, her research interest is to study the origins of diversity in root architectures of crops by combining knowledge from biology, statistics, and computer science:
(1) She develops a computing pipeline to quantify the diversity of root architectures using mathematical shape descriptors.
(2) She dissects the genetic components that regulate root architectures under water-sufficient and drought conditions.
(3) She investigates whether the maternal effect of seed size and kin recognition of root neighbors contribute to root architecture diversity